Cake Ösa+

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The high-performance utility machine

Engineered for performance, lightweight and configured to meet your individual needs. Over a thousand accessory combinations are easily clamped onto the frame. The powerful battery features multiple outlets, doubling as a power station on wheels. Fully street legal.

Design your Ösa!

The Ösa platform is easily tailored to your specific commuting needs and offers various customization options. Enhance your Ösa by choosing from a wide array of accessories such as surf racks, top boxes, passenger seats, and much more.

Find the wide range of accessories for the CAKE Osa+ here


        • Capacity 70 Ah / 3.5 kWh*
        • Voltage (nominal) 51.8 V

        • Cells 

          Premium 21700 lithium cells
        • Features Easily removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately. Integrated SoC indicator. Intelligent battery management system for increased safety and performance optimization. Integrated 5V outlet for phones, tablets and other small electronic devices. Integrated 12V outlet for computers, speakers and other medium duty electronic devices.

        Brake modes

        •  Features  

          Adjust your custom brake mode in the CAKE connect app. Applied with a slider brake value that adjusts the amount of motor brake applied when off-throttle.


          • Type Motorcycle brake system, four piston calipers. Hand levers for both front- and rear brake. Combined brake system.

          • Disc 

            Stainless steel, 220 mm diameter, 3.2 mm thickness


            • 0-80% 3 hours*

            • 0-100% 4.5 hours*

            • Type External charger for standard 220 V outlets.


            • Frame 6061-T6 Aluminium, Extruded, Forged, CNC machined, welded and painted.

            • Swingarm 6061-T6 Aluminium, Extruded, Forged, CNC machined, welded and painted.


            • Features  

              Best-in-class power density and state-of-the-art motor control algorithms.


              • Features TFT display with battery SoC, speedometer, odometer, ride mode selection and telltales.


              • Ground clearance 220 mm

              • Seat height 795 mm

              • Wheel base 1340 mm

              • Width 793 mm


              • Peak power 9 kW*

              • Nominal power 6 kW

              • Torque (wheel) 151 Nm*

              • Torque (motor axle) 42 Nm*

              • Type Direct drive, Gates belt drive

              • Electric motor Interior permanent magnet motor

              • Front sprocket 18 teeth, Gates mudport technology

              • Rear sprocket 87 teeth, Gates mudport technology

              Fenders & Bodywork

              • Material PC/ABS plastic


              • Width 793 mm

              • Rise 97 mm

              • Interface 31.8 mm

              • Material Aerospace grade 7050 aluminium


              • License R, R L, RP1, RP2

              Ride modes

              • Ride mode 1 When range is more important than speed.

              • Ride mode 2 When range and speed are equally important.

              • Ride mode 3 When speed is more important than range.

              • Ride mode Custom Use the Cake Connect app to customize the balance between range and speed as you wish.

              Speed & range

              • Top speed +90 km/h*

              • Range Mixed city riding (WMTC-II): 111 km* High speed riding (70km/h): 52 km*


              • Side stand


              • Front Dual crown, upside-down spring fork. Travel 120 mm.

              • Rear 260 mm shock with adjustable pre-load


              • Dry bike 72 kg

              • Battery 25.5 kg

              • Max. permittable load 260 kg (bike + battery + rider + passenger + carry-on items)

              Wheels & tires

              • Hubs Forged and CNC aluminium CAKE hubs with 25 mm axle.

              • Rims 14"x2.15" custom designed lightweight motorcycle rims.

              • Tires 14"x4.00" dual sport motorcycle tires.

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