CAKE Topbox Kit

SKU: AC0032


35 liter aluminium topbox kit for your Ösa.
Weight: 6.2 kg / 13,6 lbs
Max load: 5 kg / 11 lbs
Color: silver
Outside measurements (H x W x D): 33 x 38,5 x 36 cm
Inside measurements (H x W x D): 27 x 35 x 29,5 cm
Locking type: key

Please note:
You will need an Ösa carrier and 2 x clamps to mount this topbox on your Ösa.

Find the Topbox plate adapter manual for Makka here and for Ösa here.

This kit includes:
1 aluminium topbox
1 topbox rack
1 topbox plate adapter
4 pcs screw MC6S M8x20
4 pcs nut nylock LM6M A4 M8
4 pcs washer RB-8.4x16x1.6

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