Baak Leather Fork Gaiters



4 Week Pre Order.

Pair of genuine leather fork gaiters. Available 4, 6 or 8 folds fork boots. It's water-repellent and especially designed to resist to an intensive use. Available in Aged brown, black, gold leather color.

Diameter Ø41mm top and Ø63mm bottom. It comes in pairs with 4 stainless steel fixation collars for the assembly on the motorcycle.

These fork gaiters are handcrafted, created thanks to a very specific technic of casting over a wooden mould. 

  • The 4 folds fork gaiters have a maximum length of 125mm (unfolded).
  • The 6 folds fork gaiters shave a maximum length of 160mm (unfolded)
  • The 8 folds fork gaiters have a maximum length of 200mm(unfolded)

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