Yamaha XSR700 Evotech EVO Folding Lever Set

SKU: PRN002453002868


Features of EP Evo Folding Clutch & Brake Lever Set

  • Anatomically correct deep radiused edges along each lever length for comfort, feel and style
  • Lever blades pivot upwards upon contact with a solid object to help prevent breakage –manually returns to original position
  • Lever held firmly in place by tensioned spring and bearing and cannot accidentally be moved out of position
  • Six-position adjustment span via an anodised adjuster on both levers to suit varying finger lengths
  • Adjustment position shown via machined indents
  • 17mm typical (+/- 1mm) lever span adjustment range (measured at lever midpoint)
  • Lever blade and bracket mount union machined from billet aluminium
  • Stainless steel CNC-machined clevis pins, retaining clips and, where supplied, piston adjustment screw/barrel and tension retaining spring
  • Scalloped machining to rear of lever reduces weight while retaining strength
  • CNC-machined bracket mount unions for a precise and fuss-free install of OE components
  • Lever ball-end dimensions meet statutory requirements
  • Durable black anodise finish on lever blades and bracket mount unions
  • Red durable anodise finish on span adjusters
  • Levers and bracket mount unions feature Evotech Performance brand logos


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