Highsider LED Headlight Type 5 Bates Mount 5.75"

SKU: 223-213


HIGHSIDER 5 3/4 inch LED headlight BATES STYLE TYPE 5, E-approved (50R For ADR Approval)

Stylish LED headlight with black housing in BATES STYLE design. The round, chrome-plated reflector with black diaphragm and clear glass has a high beam, low beam and parking light function.
Low Beam Illuminates the upper half and when high beam is switched on, both halves of the headlight illuminate.

A stylish mix of a classic style headlight with modern LED technology makes this the perfect headlight for any application. 

– Diameter of housing: 155 mm
– Diameter of headlight insert: 145 mm
– Depth without glass: 110 mm
Attachment: bottom

(3 pin plug)
red = low beam (+)white = high beam (+)lack = ground (-)
rown = position light (+)lack = ground (-)

Scope of supply: 1 piece

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