Highsider LED Insert Type 7

SKU: 226-021


HIGHSIDER LED headlight insert TYPE 7, E-approved 5 3/4" (50R ADR Approved)
This round, black  reflector has high beam, low beam and parking light ring. The low beam lights up in the upper half of the insert and both halves when the high beam is on.

Upgrade your bulb headlight with a LED insert for a more modern look and brighter beam.  

Diameter A = 143 mm
Diameter GA = 133 mm
Diameter I = 131 mm, D = 43 mm, R = 12 mm
Cable length: 400 mm

Power consumption: (3 pin plug)

Connections:white = dipped beam (+)
ed = high beam (+)lack = ground (-)green = position light (+)

Scope of supply: 1 piece incl. 1x plug housing

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