Motogadget Mo.Switch Pro

SKU: 4004040


A universal, high quality push button fitting suitable for handlebar diameter 22mm or 25.4mm.

The left-hand pushbutton panel is designed as a complete solution and includes all standard pushbuttons required to control the vehicle.

CNC machined from billet aluminum, the housing is black anodized. A hidden M4 stainless steel mounting screw clamps the unit securely to the handlebar.

The two-part design in clamp housing and stylus inlay makes mounting child's play. The supplied handlebar adapter acts here as a drilling template.

The mo.switch pro is "ready to connect". Everything has already been completely wired, as we have already carried out the time-consuming connection of the individual buttons with the respective LED lighting.

The pushbutton unit is waterproof molded on the back and equipped with a highly flexible, black, 8-core cable.

The 1.8m cable is specially manufactured to motogadgets specifications, has a low cross-section and is perfect for routing through a handlebar.

The pushbuttons used are of high quality, vibration resistant and jet water protected according to IP65. The button size and the ergonomic pressure point give an optimal switching feeling when operating with gloves.

  • Pushbutton unit pre-wired and waterproof encapsulated
  • high quality connection cable with 1.8m length
  • jet water resistant according to IP65
  • ring-shaped LED illumination of the individual buttons
  • Button functions: Horn | High beam | Turn signal left & right | Starter | Instrument
  • clean look without visible screws
  • easy mounting without wiring of individual pushbuttons
  • suitable for handlebar diameter 22mm or 25.4mm
  • high quality CNC milled from aircraft aluminum and UV resistant anodized
  • Housing color black, button black, button LED colors red, green, blue, white, yellow
  • maximum pushbutton switching current: 1A, all pushbuttons switch to ground
  • additional switching electronics mo.unit required
  • Height 48mm, width 36mm, depth 58mm

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