Posh Neo Classic Oil Temp Gauge Yamaha SR/ XT/ TT

SKU: 11002403


The POSH FAITH oil temp gauge utilizes a CNC machined housing with a Japanese made (Takatsu) oil temp gauge. Oil level marking indicators are on the temp probe for level reference. Housing is has an anodized finish.


  • SR400 (78~2008)
  • SR400FI (2010~2019)
  • SR500 (78~99)
  • XT500 / TT500

NOTE, When attached to the bike the dial direction may tilt or face in the wrong direction (depending on the bike). 

  • To adjust, warm up the bike (so gauge is warm)
  • Carefully remove the circlip using the correct tools - (failing to do so can cause damage to the dial face)
  • Gently rotate the dial to the desired position
  • Re-check all is correct, if so reinstall the circlip
  • Fit to bike - enjoy.


  • When handling the temp gauge (whilst hot) take care! Hot oil can cause burns.
  • Always wear gloves to protect your hands, also use suitable protection for your bikes fuel tank to avoid oil drips on your paint work.
  • Take care to NOT drop the temp gauge, it has a sensitive temp probe, if it lands on the probe it can cause damage

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