Evotech Axle Sliders Front Yamaha XSR900 & MT-09 (2016-2021)

SKU: PRN012199-06

  • Bobbins consist of nylon outer with aluminium core
  • Held in place via a rolled-thread spindle rod
  • Fits simply through front wheel spindle
  • Replacement nylon bobbins can be purchased separately
  • Produced from engineering quality materials by Evotech Performance
What is Spindle Bobbin Crash Protection?

EP Front Spindle Bobbins for the Yamaha XSR900 are designed to defend the front wheel spindle retainers, brake calipers and fork lowers. As they stand out from either side of the wheel, the bobbin heads are expected to take impact first in an incident with the dual materials offering durability and strength. Furthermore, the nylon bobbin heads are free to rotate above the aluminium inner to reduce stress on the wheel

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